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Kerry Orchard author/editor/publisher.

Kerry Orchard


It has long been my dream to start a small press focusing simultaneously on books for children struggling with behavioural/complex needs issues, that also brings to fruition adult and YA fantasy.


I have been writing for as long as I can remember and working with children dealing with behavioural issues for over a decade. It seemed appropriate to combine my two passions, children and writing. I have a deep love of anything fantasy and am an avid reader. 

Trista Orchard communications Burroughs Manor Press.

Trista S. Orchard

Communications & Marketing
Editing: Web layout & Copy


Trista is a Marketing and Communications guru, Journalist, Digital Content Specialist, Copywriter, Blogger, and overall Word-Hustler.

Over 8 years' experience in media and related industries; a driven professional who brings creative solutions from the idea phase to fruition. With a passion for bringing your projects to life through the digital landscape and keyboard strokes.  Currently expanding her areas of knowledge in the Visual Effects Film arena, as an IO Coordinator.


T. Orchard


A scientist who delights in mixing creativity with technical skill. Always working on a variety of projects, she is a technician, programmer, and avid reader.

With 9 years of experience working within public library systems she has met with authors, determined library purchases, and learned what can make or break the success of a book.

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